I’m not sure what Activision is doing anymore

A little while back I posted the video of Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, and Tony Hawk doing their Risky Business routine with the Guitar Hero instruments that was all part of a new marketing campaign by Activision. Well, a few days ago a new video came out, featuring Heidi Klum doing the same bit, only this time in her underwear and with a bit more enthusiasm. Now I understand that the target audience for Guitar Hero probably isn’t against seeing Heidi dance around like that, but what in the world does a supermodel have to do with a music/rhythm game? Are they saying that everybody has an inner rocker, or are they just desperate to spend as much money marketing the game in the most confusing way possible? I say it’s the latter. Here’s the video clip.

So, I guess that means you should buy the game or something.