Update: The Beatles coming to Rock Band

Update: It appears that it might actually be a standalone product and not exactly a part of the current Rock Band platform. We’ll see where this goes as new details emerge.


Yeah, it finally happened. The first truly major exclusive has been scored in the battle between Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and it’s Harmonix/MTV that dropped the first nuke. MTV and Apple Corps (Beatles rights holder) announced in a press conference that The Beatles music would be coming to the platform. Alex Rigopulos said that details of distribution and implementation are still being worked out, but we do know that Harmonix has secured the world’s most influential band on its side.

Which way to Harmonix?

While this in no way should be considered a killing blow to the Guitar Hero name, it’s definitely going to be huge for the Rock Band platform. I can only hope that they don’t get cute and try to milk the exclusivity and make you do silly things to get the songs *cough* AC/DC pack *cough*. Obviously The Beatles are the biggest name to hit either franchise, so here’s hoping it happens soon.

Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122531701276881747.html