Sony E3 press conference notes

I know how you like ’em…sloppy!

-Sony show starts off with a crazy montage of video and noise
-some games are out, some are yet to be released
-In the first 30 seconds, they’ve already shown more than Nintendo did
-PS3, PSP, and PSN all represented in opening video

Jack Tretton (man, this guy is unbearable)

-He always seems nice, but he’s got the personality of tin foil
-PlayStation brand hitting its stride
-Seeds for PlayStation brand laid 15 years ago this week
-Sony took a longer look ahead when making their consoles, wanted 10 year life spans for consoles
-2 years into PSOne life cyclce, biggest hits still a year or more away
-Saying PS3 is primed to hit its stride
-PS3 drove Blu-ray format to victory
-Cell processor used to power supercomputers
-Folding at Home set a Guiness World Record
-More about how powerful the PS3 is
-The PS3 is most complete Blu-ray player
-I’m getting antsy, we know you have the games, Sony. We get it, the PS3 is powerful
-PlayStation in 2008 “all about software”
-Exclusive games make up the consumer’s mind

Resistance 2
-As expected,it looks stunning graphically
-Enemy is a massive monster…size of Godzilla
-The player is ducking into a building for cover and taking shots when possible at the monster
-It’s hard to describe this, it just looks fantastic and intense
-Set in 1953, America
-Chicago is a setting, border states under attack
-8 player online co-op
-60 player online competitive modes
-Game going for huge scale
-Twin Falls, Idaho level shown in a new trailer

Little Big Planet
-Sackboy dressed in Celtics gear
-LBP used to show charts off…much better than Powerpoint
-The game just looks so awesome
-The audience is definitely digging this manner of presentation
-In 2008, Sony will distribute official in Latin America
-10 million PS3s and 15 million PSPs are the sales goals for the year
-PS3 Greatest Hits starting this year at $29.99 (Resistance, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Call of Duty 3, Fight Night, Need for Speed Carbon, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Assassin’s Creed, Oblivion, Ninja Gaiden Sigma)
-LBP set to appeal to all demographics

PlayStation 2
-Success of PS2 allowed Sony to be more agressive with PS3
-More than 130 titles for PS2 in 2008
-Video montage showing upcoming games
-EA Sports stuff, Star Wars, Warriors orochi 2, Singstar, Yakuza 2, Mercenaries 2
-Buzz hits PS2, PS3, and PSP this year
-PS2 is perfect entry level system, new bundle to support that. Comes with Lego Batman (game) and Justice League: New Frontiers on DVD (film)

PlayStation Network
-All PlayStation users will have a unified id
-PSN to drive online social interaction between platforms
-Over 180 million downloads so far on PSN

Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty

-Shorter game, lower price
-Continuation of Ratchet and Clank Future storyline
-Looks very much like Tools of Destruction, but with some neat new abilities
-Ratchet’s wrench has new functionality
-$14.99 price
-Out “this summer”

PSN video montage being shown

-R&C: Quest for Booty, Crash Commando, Fat Princess, Pixel Junk Eden, Pain: Amusement Park, Flower, Siren: Blood Curse (scary as all get out), Ragdoll Kung Fu
-The games looked pretty good, overall

Gran Turismo TV
-Added to GT5: Prologue
-Free and pay-per-view distribution of shows
-Some original programming produced by Polyphony Digital
-In-depth looks at industry-related locations
-Behind the scenes footage of races, business, etc.
-Seems like a huge undertaking for a single game release…crazy stuff
-Top Gear part of the distribution

-Trophies part of gameplay and community strategy

PlayStation Home
-Games, film, video, music, and branded content all in one place
-Game specific spaces from developers and publishers
-Video showing home functionality
-Still looks like Second Life + Xbox Live to me…
-Game-specific spaces are themed areas related to a certain game

-Full length movies and shows through PSN
-Available in both rental and buy, SD or HD
-$1.99 per TV episode, $9.99-$14.99 movie purchases
-Same price as a disc-based release? Stupid!
-If downloaded on PS3, can be played on PSP
-Live demo of store
-This is unbearably boring to watch, just tell us it works on move on!
-seriously, PAINFUL
-Cloverfield $14.99 for SD purchase. HAH! Good luck selling that.
-Service will be available tonight…actually pretty impressive
-New titles each week

-PSP Slim caused sales to jump a lot
-13 million sold in North America, 35 million worldwide
-New PSP pack coming along with Madden Pack. Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters pack, 1 Gig stick, PSN Voucher for Echochrome, National Treasure 2 on UMD for $199.99

Resistance Retribution

-Battle for Europe
-Looks very nice graphically
-Explores the mystery of the Chimera a bit deeper
-3rd person action title
-Looks like Gears of War a bit
-Out in Spring 2009

PSP video montage

-Loco Roco 2, Patapon 2 (eff off, Fever Mode), Star Wars Force Unleashed, Madden 2009, NBA 09: The Inside, Super Stardust Portable, Lego Batman, Buzz Quiz Master, Valkyria Chronicles

PlayStation 3
-Google a partner with PS3
-Dedicated PS3 channel on YouTube
-Life With Playstion…news, weather, etc.

DC Universe Online
-Jim Lee out to demo the game
-3 years in development
-Create a character, help heroes or villains in classic situations
-Woah, characters models look great for the heroes
-Looks good, but the combat looks a little jittery (typical of MMOs)
-MMOs aren’t my thing, but this could be big

-80GB PS3 will be launced with same functionality of 40GB (read: No BC support) for $399.99

-Video montage of developer/publisher testimonials about PS3 and Blu-ray
-Most of them sound like they’re finally happy the PS3 architecture
-Happy about built-in hard drive
-Happy about storage space with Blu-ray
-Yadda, yadda, yadda

PS3 video montage

-Little Big Planet, Motorstorm: Pacific Drift, MGS 4, QUantum of Solace, SOCOM: Confrontation, Ghostbusters, Soul Calibur IV, Resistance 2, the Agency, Naruto: Storm, Mirror’s Edge, Resident Evil 5, Singstar, Guitar Hero: World Tour, NBA 09: The Inside, Buzz: Quiz TV, Killzone 2, Fallout 3

God of War III

-PS3 release (duh)
-Trailer shows pre-rendered stuff, no gameplay


-Save or destroy entire city
-Be a hero or anti-hero
-Looks like a much better Crackdown
-Spring 2009

MAG: Massive Action Game

-Huge online battles
-Supports battles of 256 players
-Only real players in the game
-Players will be broken into squads
-Character growth provide long-term goals
-Ongoing campaigns, even when you’re not playing (like Chromehounds)
-Despite the scale, it looks graphically strong
-Vehicles, soldiers are everywhere
-Tough to tell if this is all real-time footage seems to be a mix of real and pre-rendered
-Reinforcements air dropped as trailer closes out
-Squads are 8 players each

That’s the show! A better showing than we got from Nintendo, and arguably better than Microsoft as well. Check for reaction on the blog via our nightly podcasts.