Sony has come a long way

At E3 2006, Sony had one of the most disastrous and painful E3 press conferences ever. Sure, when Nintendo paraded Pac-Man Vs. on the stage it was bad, but they didn’t outright make idiots of themselves and give the gaming public a good 10-15 memes to use as virtual slings and arrows. Over the past year or so, however, Sony has made some strong strides toward correcting their flawed philosophy in the gaming sector. Good games are being released regularly, PR is more favorable (still a lot to work on here), and developers have (for the most part) quite bellyaching about the difficulty of getting games up and running to their full potential on the PS3 hardware. Below is a video that was compiled by the Wii60 crowd (remember them?) and was a pretty popular video for months leading up to the PS3 release.

Sony has taken its lumps, and hopefully, the days of giant enemy crabs are fully behind us.