Denis Dyack is bold, maybe crazy

In a brave and crazy move, Denis Dyack started a new thread over at NeoGAF asking members of the forum to “stand and be counted” by stating whether they are for or against Too Human at this point. Denis goes on to say that if Too Human releases and it’s no good, that he’ll gladly accept the tag “Owned by the GAF”. These sort of things seem stupid for a developer to do, but I think it’s kind of cool. Yes, it can backfire in a big way, but I really like that a developer is willing to interact with the gamers in a public forum. However this turns out, you can bet it will be fun to watch.

Here is the thread over at the NeoGAF forums. You don’t need to register to view posts.

Now, I’m hoping that the game turns out to be good, because I’ve been following this game ever since it was in development for the PlayStation, then the GameCube, and now the Xbox 360. The demo I played at E3 two yaers ago was atrocious, but it seems that a lot of progress has been made since that point in time. Here’s hoping that Silicon Knights really has turned the game around, because I still think it has a lot of potential.