Metal Gear Solid 4 thoughts and impressions (through Act 2: end)

Today I had enough free time to play through the entire second act of Metal Gear Solid 4, and I was pretty happy that I didn’t have to stop and save the game midway through the act. The second act was longer, but definitely more satisfying. My thoughts continue, after the jump.

Act two opened with Solid Snake, who keeps getting reminded that he’s Old Snake, sneaking through the outskirts of a South American village as he embarks on a search and rescue mission for Naomi Campbell. For me, sneaking took second priority as I joined the local rebel faction in their battle against the hired PMCs that were stationed there. I used the chaos as a backdrop to make my way to where Naomi was being held, only to be confronted with the first boss encounter in the game.

The first boss in the game, Laughing Octopus wasn’t much of a challenge, but I loved the fight. The boss was definitely creepy and I loved the multiple ways in wish she used her OctoCamo to hide. It gave me an idea of what the enemy soldiers in the game were going through when on alert and searching the environment for me. After taking her down and watching her shed her octopus getup, I actually opted to finish her off with tranquilizer bullets rather than going for the kill. I don’t know if the cut scene that followed was changed by my choice, but I’d like to know if anybody out there just went all out with guns blazing.

Shortly after defeating the boss and tracking down Naomi for a second time, I found myself escaping the area with Drebin, his hairless monkey, and Naomi. Gekko were making things difficult, as well as near brain dead PMCs that came out me like zombies. Later I found out that the messed up soldiers were a result of Liquid’s continual search for a way to gain full control over the PMCs remotely.

The highlight of act two, however, was easily Raiden’s appearance and battle with vamp and the multiple Gekko mechs. There was something sad about seeing Jack reduced to nothing more than a simple war machine. It seems that he still has some shred of emotion, but it’s definitely buried deep. I can’t wait to see how the story progresses for Raiden.  Between Snake’s rapid aging and Raiden’s soulless demeanor, you can really see that it’s time for the current characters to wind down and pass the reigns to a new set of heroes. If this is where things are going, I really want to see how this will be handled. If these characters are somehow to be preserved and allowed to fight for another day, well, I think I’ll be able to live with that as well.

So the next act appears to be taking place in Eastern Europe…nice.

James Tillman

I don’t think so, but I haven’t tried it personally. The best strategy seems to be nailing them with rockets until the armor comes off, then tranquilizing. Did you like when she turns into Mk. II to lure you into her floating mines?