We have a winner!

We have a winner in the recent free game giveaway contest! After voting was tallied up, it came down to a 1 vote difference. Because of the nice work that each of the three finalists provided, I’m actually making sure that each of the three gets some sort of prize. First place still wins a free game of choice, but prizes for 2nd and 3rd haven’t been decided upon yet.

Our overall winner will be announced pending notification and acceptance. Check back late Monday or early Tuesday for the final results.

Jeff Rivera

Ok, so the voting was very tight, but the winner was Entry #29 (the Pac-Man one).

Now, all three finalists were great, so I’ll be contacting them and offering them up a prize of sorts as well. As soon as I hear back, I’ll reveal the final results (including vote totals) in a new post. As a side note, the winner has chosen Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360 as their free game.

Congrats to all three finalists!


Uh, it is fairly obvious looking through the comments that either 1 or 1b had more votes. Unless there was something sneaky going on with people double voting under different names and such, I am at a loss as to how an entry with 7 votes (8 if you count the one explaining it was a scalable image…though not voting specifically) could beat ones with so many that I stopped counting when both had over 12.


After re-reading I see votes could be emailed in as well. I still find it strange that such a large percentage if folks would vote one way here and what would have to be 180 degrees from here via email…

Again…unless there was double voting.

Oh well. Thats life.

Congratulations to the winner.

Jeff Rivera

1b killed in the reader voting, but that only counted as one total vote in the final voting process. There were 6 total votes available (5 from voters, 1 up for grabs from the readers), and 1b won the reader vote. Again, I’ll give voting totals in the final announcement post.

I’ll take care of the other two finalists, they did well and deserve a prize all the same.