Stupid Gamer Free Game Contest Entry Finalists

Sound the trumpets, because here are your finalists after the first round of voting. I’m going to put these before a vote once more, and I’ve decided to allow you guys to chime in as well. You can cast your vote by either leaving a comment, or you can email it to me at jar155 [at] gmail dot com. The entry that receives the most reader votes will receive an extra vote in the final round of voting. So, here are the entries.

Finalist #1

Entry 1

Entry 1b (variation)

Finalist #2

Entry 18

Finalist #3

Entry 29 (Note: Opens a Flash file. Once open, click on the banner and then you can move the Pac-Man around using your arrow keys)

So there you go. Vote if you have a preference, and good luck to three finalists. Winners will be announced before the end of the week.


I couldn’t open 3, but I liked 1 and 1b. So whichever one needs more votes in the end throw mine that way.


How does #3 even qualify? The details of the contest said the image had to be 670×200, and when I bring it up it takes up my whole screen?


#3 is vector based and will scale to whatever size you want, thus if you make your browser window smaller it will also make the size of #3 smaller… because you are opening the file directly rather than embedding it inside an html page where you define the size you want it to be.


I know people who do graphic design, and never did I hear of a Flash or Swish file being vector-based.. I go with 1B. It meets the actual contest criteria……


1I vote for 1 or 1b both of those are great. I was unable to open #3 without saving the swf to my hd first.


Hi farley, that’s great that you know graphic designers and all but im a Flash/Flex developer and I have never heard of a swish file.


no matter what you use to create a flash file (even though i have never heard of swish and recomend staying away as it’s just a third party trying to sell generic canned apps) the end result is a file with an extension of “swf”. Most flash developers and designers pronounce it as swif.

That said….#3 is a joke. the color is BAAAAAD and the pac man just sucks. since when can pac man move diagonally? Also who the hell is gonna play with a broken pacman in a banner no less. The banner typically(but not always) links to the home page of a site when clicked thus making the pac man control feature useless and inaccessible. plus unless you use swfobject or something like it to embed the swf the user will have to actually click the banner at least once just to activate the control.


Finalist #1 gets my vote~!!!!!

Forrest Gump and Mario—two legends in their own time!! Funny as can be!


#3/Entry 29 is for sure the best!! I like original work much better than some stupid photoshop cut and paste job done by a total beginner.


1 or 1b gets my vote.

#3 is broken, and the interactive pacman thing is not a good idea for a banner. Besides that, it is broken. Somehow the pacman slipped out of the banner and I could go anywhere…except for back into the banner.


….and when you consider that when the flash animation banner is reduced to the size needed the broken Pac Man will be the size of a period…


#1… anyone who would vote for 2 or 3 over 1 obviously has a reason for being at this site. Hint: That reason is the first part of the site name.


1B hands down! The others are seriously cheesy… No offense, but not 1/10th as creative as the ONE-B