Stupid Gamer Free Game Contest Entry Finalists

Sound the trumpets, because here are your finalists after the first round of voting. I’m going to put these before a vote once more, and I’ve decided to allow you guys to chime in as well. You can cast your vote by either leaving a comment, or you can email it to me at jar155 [at] gmail dot com. The entry that receives the most reader votes will receive an extra vote in the final round of voting. So, here are the entries.

Finalist #1

Entry 1

Entry 1b (variation)

Finalist #2

Entry 18

Finalist #3

Entry 29 (Note: Opens a Flash file. Once open, click on the banner and then you can move the Pac-Man around using your arrow keys)

So there you go. Vote if you have a preference, and good luck to three finalists. Winners will be announced before the end of the week.


#3 is a little gimmicky but it’s still the best. #1 and #2 are amusing for about 30 seconds. #3 is simple and unintrusive.

Jeff Rothe


Don’t seriously consider to use these just because they might have been the best of the pool of entries. Two of these are really terrible, and the other is at best so so.

The first entry…uses the idea of stupid, but that is about all it does as a brand, which is what your banner should be about. It poorly uses the space, with a flat blue fill in the lower left and upper right sides. The text is hard to read over the image, but that is the least of the concerns with this “Gump” version.

Version 2 at least has some merit…but in terms of long term brandability…I am not sure it really works. The colors mesh with your current theme whether you stick with it or not, but I feel like the image of Mario is a little too harsh…taking stupid a little too hard, and do you want your site to be associated with that image of a re-interpreted brand? Mario as a drooling tool?

The third version…well, completely unoriginal. Put a Pac-man and use the Pac font letters…but your site has nothing to do with Pac-man, the space is poorly utilized, and it conveys nothing of your purpose.

I feel like a $60 prize is decently generous for something…I would hold out for better work…or just say that none of these really fit the goals. You might not have emphasized brand in your original criteria as much, and maybe you really only plan on using these for a week…but I don’t think these are even good enough to warrant that. Maybe version 2 is, with some adaptability.


Actually…I don’t know how I missed the call to entry. I had to look back at the contests category to find the original post…I guess I hadn’t put this site in my feeds just yet.

Even if I had, I would have approached the design in relation to best brand that jives best with this theme. If this is not a long term choice for the theme, then the banner would have been for naught…

Hopefully Jeff and I can just work together on the whole design of the site first. But, I have to finish Atari Football artwork this weekend before I tackle anything else.

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