Amongst the milking, Ubisoft remembers the cream

Ubisoft has never been shy about milking their franchises. I mean, c’mon, how many Tom Clancy games can they put out per year? Anyway, one of the best new franchises of the past generation was Beyond Good and Evil. The game was amazing, and fans of the game have been clamoring for a sequel for quite some time. Sadly, the original didn’t sell well, and years passed by with fans having a pretty negative outlook on their chances. Well, just a couple of days ago (sorry I’m late, folks), Ubisoft showed the teaser trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2. Yes, it’s really coming. Below is the teaser trailer that should get you all giddy.

For those of you that missed out on the original, tracking down a copy isn’t always so easy. The GameCube version is the best out there, but if you have to “settle” for the PS2, I still think you’ll be happy. I do kind of wish that the visual look from the original had carried over to the sequel, but I’m so happy right now that I’ll just take it any way it comes.


Wow, I’m glad this is coming out. That was a great game. I remember going through Prince of Persia, Beyond Good and Evil and then Wind Waker in 2 weeks. Don’t think I ever quite recovered from it. :)


I dunno it looks like they stripped all of the personality away from the game. I’d hope the gameplay would be better than the watered down Zelda clone it was with the sprinkling of watered down Splinter Cell.