Signs that you’re addicted to arcade gaming/collecting

Arcades might be on the way out, but they’re not going away completely. Instead of just becoming relics of the past, they’ve slowly made their ways into the hands of private collectors. These collectors often evolve from casual admirer to avid arcade addict. Below are some signs that you’ve crossed over the oh so fragile line.

-You can identify an Electrohome G07 monitor chassis in under 3 seconds from a crappy cell phone pic posted on a message board
-RGVAC, KLOV, VAPS, GGDB, and BYOAC all mean something to you
-HUO, JAMMA, NIB, MCR, PCB, MVS, NOS, DMM, MAME, CRT, and CPO all mean something to you as well
-Leaf and cherry aren’t parts of a tree in your vocabulary
-Your garage hasn’t seen a car parked in it for ages
-You’ve checked and you’re sure there’s room for a Galaga cabaret between your toilet and bathroom sink
-That pile of wires isn’t junk, it’s a vital piece to a very worthwhile project
-You can recite the serial numbers to your cabs as quickly as your own phone number
-You have Bob Roberts’ home address memorized
-You can spot the differences between lemon yellow, sunflower yellow, electric yellow, Simpson yellow, and Pac-Man yellow
-You feel a bit of warmth each time you get change and you notice at least one quarter in the mix
-You have several Journey songs on your iPod
-You know every clever, dirty, or disturbing 3 letter word or abbreviation possible in the English language
-Cocktails are perfectly safe for minors in your home
-You can’t pass an arcade machine in the wild without molesting it in some fashion
-You’re over 30, but you’re still not afraid to play with a dolly in front of your friends
-You have RSS feeds on craigslist, every local classified, and other arcade listing services that you check at least 20 times per day
-You bought up your city’s remaining stock of solder when you heard lead was being phased out
-You’ve picked a side in the Billy vs. Steve ongoing battle
-You have more projects than Detroit

If you can think of any more surefire signs that you’re an arcade addict, feel free to post them in the comments below.


– You seriously think about removing your couch, computer desk or kitchen table for space for 2 more games!

– You think more about arcade games than your woman! =P

– You measure square footage by how many arcades will fit in that area.

– You purchased a truck specifically for hauling games!

– You hoard quarters like a starving homeless derelict!

– You’d prefer to stay home Saturday night to catch up on some soldering!

– You games faster than you can figure out what to do to fix them!

– You have to duck, dodge, and weave through your living room or bedroom full of arcades.

– You have to literally climb into your garage over Mt. Coin-op!

Andy Moss

– Your new vehicle purchase is chosen by how many games it can carry.

– You talk to people about arcade games whether they want to hear it, or not !!

– You’ve ran out of excuses for going to the garage

– Your Mrs. calls you a geek !!!

– You spend more time & money on your games room than any other room in the house.


-When you hear that someone’s been “horribly maimed” you start composing the Hellcade candidate post in your head.


once whilst perusing one of the many detroit projects, I didn’t find any arcades… but there was a person shot and burned in a dumpster, sort of like GTA I guess.