Nintendo defines “Holy Crap!” with their earnings report

Nintendo’s latest earnings report showcased some insane sales numbers and some pretty lofty sales expectations for the DS and Wii. The numbers also provided lifetime sales for the GBA and GameCube. While there are still a few Cubes and GBAs getting sold, the numbers are so insignificant that we can effectively take these numbers as their final sales totals. Here are the numbers pulled from the report:

GameBoy Advance (all versions): 81,060,000
North America: 41,640,000
Japan: 16,880,000
Other: 22,530,000

GameCube: 21,740,000
North America: 12,940,000
Japan: 4,040,000
Other: 4,770,000

Current hardware (lifetime to date):
Nintendo DS: 70,600,000
North America: 22,390,000
Japan: 22,380,000
Other: 25,820,000

Nintendo Wii: 24,450,000
North America: 10,610,000
Japan: 5,900,000
Other: 7,940,000

Other Fun Numbers:
DS has 57 million-selling games (LTD)
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: 14.77 million sold
Brain Age 1 and 2 (combined): 23.81 million sold
Smash Bros Brawl: 4.85 million as of March 31
The Wii has 26 million-selling games.

Sales Forecast For Next Fiscal Year:
Nintendo Wii hardware: 25 million sold worldwide
Nintendo DS hardware: 28 million sold worldwide
Nintendo Wii Software: 177 million sold
DS software: 187 million sold

So in less than half the time, the Wii has already surpassed GameCube (and Xbox) lifetime sales. That’s pretty impressive and a big turnaround for Nintendo who has struggled the past two generations. The DS is just crazy. There’s not a lot that needs to be said there, because the monstrous numbers speak for themselves. It’s easily going to fly past the GBA lifetime sales,especially if the DS is around for as long before a true successor hits.


Nintendo didn’t really struggle. Then never sell their systems at a loss, so the N64 and the GameCube both made a profit. As opposed to the Xbox which didn’t manage to make a profit.


I disagree with the last two generations part. The Nintendo 64 did very well. The Gamecube was pretty bad, but it did adequately.

Jeff Rivera

Omega, I fully agree. In fact, my favorite games from the past generation were almost all on the GameCube (The Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Pikmin 2, F-Zero AX, Resident Evil 4, and much more).