Podcast not dead

Ok, I’ve had a bunch of emails and a few comments asking about the Stupid Gamer Podcast. It’s not dead, and it will be back soon. For those that don’t know, Stephen had another open heart surgery, and this one really knocked him on his butt. He’s just getting to the point where he’s on his feet again, so it will be some time before he’s back to 100% and ready to hit the mic again. On Miguel’s end, he’s had some terrible misfortune as well. Miguel got hit by some robbers that came into his home and took his laptop, Wii, DS, GBA, GameCube, games, CDs, and much, more. Basically anything of value got taken, and the likelihood of getting his stuff back anytime soon is worse than Nintendo dropping Friend Codes.


A good luck kiss for Miguel and Steve (somehow through Mario…).

So the podcast will be back, but I’ll most likely be flying solo for a few weeks. Miguel is working on a fix for his situation, but these things take time. Stephen is still waiting on his ticker to get better, but you know he’ll come back strong.


Excuse my language but..


Get better there Stephen and my condolences Miguel for what happened to you.


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