The NPD makes people stupid

Each month when the new sales figures come out fans of the “losing” console freak out. They lose their sense of reality and just start spamming message forums with damage control. This month Sony fans are in backpedal mode, and here are a few choice cuts. I plan on doing this each month, we’ll see if I can keep up the desire to do so. I’ve basically gone to a couple of forums and pulled random quotes that I felt were dumb. I’ve then added a response of my own that is debatable in its humor value. For the most part, the original comments speak for themselves.


Damn close between 360 and ps3.

also, holy sh** at psp games in the top 10, and TWO OF THEM!

Snarky Response: Yes, ignore that the Wii was even on the charts. It will go away. The PSP taking 1/5th of the top ten is the only remarkable occurence of the month.


(Quoted from another post) – “Damn, Guitar Hero III on the Wii just keeps trucking!”

good…maybe it will force nintendo to add a friggen harddrive

Snarky Response: Right, because GOOD sales typically force companies to change their strategies. Oh wait.


Holy crap, are people on Wii just playing Smash and Guitar Hero?

Snarky Response: Yes, and PS3 owners are only playing Army of Two. The top 10 doesn’t account for all game sales, champ.


(Quoted from another post) – “I wonder why the high def consoles dropped..kind of discouraging.”

state of economy?

Snarky Response: It must be! That’s why March was the biggest non-holiday month in the history of gaming (in regards to overall sales). This, my friends, is called grasping at straws.


I think millions of hardcore gamers are going to cry out in pain the day WiiFit is released.

Snarky Response: Probably for two reasons this guy is correct. First, because it will be the first time they’ve ever done a push up, and secondly, once Wii Fit releases secret police forces will remove all “traditional” games from shelves and immediately shut down the production of any non-Wii waggle heavy title.


The interesting thing about the Wii is that Smash Bro probably contributed very little to that number. Most of that are driven by Wii Sports.

Snarky Response: Yeah, I can’t see how a game moving 2.7 million copies could have an impact on sales at all.


Are we going to consider the PS3 and 360 a tie since it is only 5k discrepancy? Since NPD does not get full report from all vedors, ie Toys R US, IE Amazon.

Snarky Response: Faulty logic. WOuldn’t you have to increase the 360 and Wii numbers as well? Oh wait, we only play this card when our system of choice is behind. I keep forgetting that.


Wasn’t Easter in march? Isn’t that considered a mini Christmas? Could that explain the huge sales number of the Wii?

Snarky Response: Lucky for Nintendo Miyamoto is the Easter Bunny and he doesn’t support non-Nintendo products. Look, I have proof!



I love Metal Gear 4. I think it is the best online experience of any game ever. Same with the single player. Let me swim in the awesome Kojima.

Snarky Response: Nice time to talk about the sheer awesomeness of an unreleased game, huh? Hey buddy, that deflection tactic didn’t help sales any.


I don’t get why so many say that the wii has won this generation. Sure the hardware sales are unprecedented for the wii but the hardware only exists to play the GAMES. Software is why we’re all here in the first place and software is where the money is made in this industry. The 360 is kicking huge amounts of ass when it comes to software sales and is the rightful winner of this generation at this point!

Snarky Response: Again, top 10 sales aren’t all the sales. The Wii, like the DS, has a massive userbase and their sales are spread out across a large library. Wii software sales have actually been higher than 360 sales 3 out of the past 4 months (overall).


Guys debating Wii vs 360/Ps3 must be the same guys that like to debate ice cream flavors.

“Chocolate > strawberry, and it sells the most too, so there should be only chocolate.”

“But i want more than chocolate. I actually like to mix Chocolate with strawberry flavor”

“F*** you.”

…. Seriously people. Give it a rest.

Snarky Response: I can’t believe he took the time to come up with this analogy. Analogies are dumber than a gorilla in a snowstorm. I’d never use one.


And who cares how well Wii sold? It’s not even competing with PS3 and 360 IMO.

Snarky Response: Adding “IMO” to the end of a post doesn’t give you immunity. What a stupid post. So can Pepsi just claim that they’re number one because they don’t consider Coke a competitor? If so, they should IMO.

Note: IMO is lazy forum speak for “in my opinion”. It’s often used when somebody knows they’re saying something stupid and they don’t want to take heat for it because they can’t back up their statement with any basis in reality.



You noticed that to? That people who have mostly mediocre and/or indefensible views tend to throw “IMO” at the end of their statements and then bitch out loud that people are daring to disagree with them.


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