Mortal Kombat 8 to feature DC Comics characters

Yes, that’s right…Mortal Kombat 8 is going to feature DC Comics characters mixed in with traditional Mortal Kombat, er, Kombatants. Not much has been revealed yet, but I’m sure the stir that the first videos and screens cause will be truly amazing. Here’s the first teaser pic released.


So, it will be interesting to see if DC is comfortable with allowing Batman to have his spine ripped out or with Superman having his head sliced off. For gamers I guess it means that you can finally have Batman just obliterate Robin and finish him off with gory results. Yay? We’ll see.


No not really but removing the most popular characteristics of your franchise is.

And I mean they will be toning the game down to get a T rating.

That is jumping the shark.

Jeff Rivera

I’m guessing the T rating is to appease the DC Comics guys. I don’t think they’d want their characters performing a fatality. I mean, they’re supposed to be the good guys, remember?