I am a software deolveper myself and I am working on Mac OS X as well as on Windows. Ever since the invention of Time Machine on the Mac I wanted to have something similar on Windows. After a long period of carefully evaluating different products I decided that Genie Timeline is simply the best.Although I am using a source code repository to keep versioned files on a central server, there always exist local changes between commits to the repository. Every once a while I need to look up local changes or recover accidental deletions. Timeline is perfect for this.On top of this, fatal system crashes always happen at the worst possible moments. Reinstalling the dozens of applications I am dealing with every day, and worse rebuilding all their settings manually, can easily take some days of work. To protect from this disaster the Disaster Recovery should be mandatory for every production machine.My original decision was for Timeline 1.0 and it already fulfilled all my requirements. Timeline 2.0 is even better.