The Rock Band Store is Coming This Week – Looks Awesome

Later this week we’ll be getting a big update to Rock Band in the form of the Rock Band store. This will make buying DLC for the game much easier, and provide much more solid details on what individual songs offer. While browsing the song selection, you’ll be able to sort alphabetically by song, alphabetically by artists, genre, and year released. The store will also give you details about how difficult the song is, how each instrument is represented within the track, and more. And most importantly, you will now be able to preview songs before buying! Check out the screens below.




In addition to the store being released and a few minor bug fixes, Harmonix has also announced that a patch will cause downloaded songs to load up quicker, so you’ll no longer have to wait through that “Loading Additional Content” screen each time you want to jump in and start playing. Pretty nifty, huh?

Oh, and they’ve sold over 6 million songs. Wow.