Street Fighter IV (arcade) to cost $23,000?

No, that’s not the cost of development, but rather the price to own one of the arcade machines. A price listing for Street Fighter IV appeared online today, and it came in at 2,394,000 yen, which is about $23,092.52. I’m really hoping than extra zero was tacked onto that price accidentally, because it would take quite some time for an arcade operator to make a profit on a single machine, let alone a whole row of them.


Ok, so you want to know the real reason why the listing is so high? Well, it’s because the game uses LAN to handle matchmaking, and the game comes in sets of 4 cabinets (minimum). Basically operators still have to drop the $23k, but at least that gets them four cabinets. But still, it’s going to take a while to turn a good profit on those things…

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