Ziff Davis files for bankruptcy

As a result of debt and the severe need for restructuring, the Ziff Davis group is filing for bankruptcy. Ziff Davis is home to the 1up network, Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, Games for Windows magazine, and other popular online destinations and print publications. In addition to filing for bankruptcy, the Ziff Davis group is set to undergo a reorganization, but the specific details haven’t been announced.


Electronic Gaming Monthly is the gaming magazine I still bother reading (outside of GameRoom Magazine), and I’d hate to see this have a negative impact on the publication. The magazine has already been thinning a lot lately, but the content that is in there is still good and well worth reading. The 1up Network also hosts the best gaming podcasts, and their editors are the most brutally honest in the online realm.

Good luck Ziff Davis, here’s hoping for a quick bounce back!