Battery life of Sony, MS, and Nintendo controllers compared

Gamepro compared the battery life of each of the major three console maker’s first party controllers, and they published their results this past weekend. Here’s a chart showing how the results played out:


So the chart is showing the the 360 has by far the longest battery life, with the Wii in the middle, and the PS3 with a very disappointing showing. I kind of have to question this, because I’ve owned 5 (yeah, long story) 360 controllers and I’ve found that I can’t ever get more than 8-10 hours out of them before they need to be plugged in. With the PS3, however, I’m definitely getting at least 20. The Wii time shown there looks to be just about right. The big bonus with the 360 controller is that you can charge it with a reasonably long cable while you play. With the Wii you can’t charge and play at the same time. And with the PS3 the charge cable they give you is so short that the only way you could charge and play is if you’re willing to press your nose up against your TV set.

What does this all mean? Nothing really, but it’s interesting to see Gamepro’s results. Am I the only one that finds the 360 numbers extremely exaggerated? Have I just had a bad run of controllers?

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