Buy BioShock, get The Darkness free

Pretty nifty deal, huh? Right now, until February 3rd, if you pick up BioShock at Gamestop, you’ll receive a free copy of The Darkness. If you don’t have BioShock yet, somehow 2K games has managed to give you another reason to do so immediately. While I personally felt that the The Darkness was a bit of a disappointment, it’s definitely worth playing through for the interesting mechanics and setting.


BioShock finished second in my personal top 10 games of 2007, and it’s won many, many, game of the year awards from other publications and media outlets. I know that many of us are dealing with some crazy post-holiday backlogs, but you really should promote BioShock to the top of you list. Don’t be silly, buy this game!

Again, you only have until February 3rd to take advantage of the deal.

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