Master System/Mark III, and Game Gear games coming to Virtual Console

Starting in February, Sega and Nintendo will start releasing Master System/Mark III, and Game Gear games to the Wii’s Virtual Console service. The first titles that are scheduled to be released are Fist of the North Star and Fantasy Zone. While there isn’t a huge number of great games to be had here, there are enough that the announcement is exciting.

master.gif  sega_gamegear.jpg

This might be the first time ever that I’ll be able to complete a Game Gear game without having to scramble for an AC adapter to get plugged in before my batteries die. I actually still have my Game Gear and pull it out once in a while, but I haven’t touched a Master System in at least ten years. Enduro Racer, anyone?

News source: Link


The SMS was my 2nd system after our 2600. Loved Altered Beast. First game I ever beat.

Hang-On and After Burner were also good. We also had Alf and Ghostbusters. Very crappy.

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