UPDATE: Super cheap preorders at Wal-Mart.com

Update: The pricing has been changed back to regular MSRP. No word yet on whether or not Wal-Mart will honor the orders already placed.
This might be a pricing error, but many preorders at Wal-Mart.com are worth checking out. The most notable games are:

Wii – Super Smash Bros.: Brawl – $20:

Xbox 360 – Devil May Cry 4 – $40:

PlayStation 3 – Haze – $30:

Xbox 360 – Burnout Paradise – $40:

Xbox 360 – Turok – $30

Xbox 360 – Condemned 2: Bloodshot – $20

There are more games that are priced way below normal retail price. If it’s a mistake, there’s a chance that Wal-Mart will honor all orders that are placed before it gets corrected, and you could always cancel your order if they don’t honor the price. Who knows how long the prices will be active if it is an error…so be quick!