Jeff Gerstmann fired from Gamespot over bad review?

The Internet is buzzing over the recent firing of Jeff Gerstmann from the popular video game review site, Gamespot. In what seems to be a reaction to Jeff’s very negative review to Kane and Lynch, the long tenured journalist was given the axe. So far no official statement has been made from either Gamespot or Eidos (who is being blamed for instigating the whole thing), but Jeff has confirmed via email that he has indeed been fired but won’t give any details.

Look, it’s no secret that I’ve disagreed with Jeff on many occasions in the past and I’ve been somewhat criticial of his approach to reviews, but what is happening here is terrible if all accounts are true. If a video game journalist is fired for voicing his or her honest opinion on a game, well, then the industry is in danger of losing all credibility. Whether you’re a fan of Gerstmann or not, this should trouble any fan of gaming.

Good luck landing on your feet, Jeff, and thanks for putting out an honest and sincere review despite pressure to do otherwise.

For more coverage on the story, Joystiq is giving regular updates: Last update via Joystiq

As a bonus bit of awesome, here’s Penny Arcade’s comic on the story (click image for full size):



Gamespot has declined steadily over the years. I used to never buy a game without consulting them first, now I don’t even go to their site unless it’s for a patch download.


I did not care for his review of Twilight Princess and think it was and still is way off base but it’s opinion and he shouldn’t be fired for having one that doesn’t make a publisher happy.