Nintendo DS is averaging a sale every second in the US, Wii also strong

Yeah, that’s right…the Nintendo DS is currently averaging more than one DS sold per second in the United States right now, according the latest sales figures released by Nintendo. In the past week (which includes Black Friday), Nintendo moved over 653,000 DS Lites in the United States alone.

The Wii also is selling at an incredible pace (not exactly a secret at this point), coming in at 650,000+ units over the past two weeks. These huge numbers are definitely the reason for the continued Wii shortage on retail shelves. As the holidays approach, it’s more than likely that finding a Wii will stay extremely difficult. If you have even the slightest desire to own a Wii, and you see one in the store, don’t hesitate to grab it.

Full November numbers will be available once the NPD hits in about 2-3 weeks.


Man, Nintendo ought to just pack it in and go third party.

Sorry, I’ll never get tired of kicking that horse.

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[…] Yesterday we pointed out the insane pace that the Wii and DS are selling at, and today Microsoft released some numbers of their own about the 360. According to an MSNBC story, the 360 sold more than 310,000 consoles last week. They also made a point of revealing that the number is at about a 2:1 ratio for 360 vs. PS3 sales. So despite the PS3 price drop, the 360 is still managing to increase the gap in hardware numbers here in North America. […]

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