Rock Band shortages expected

As Guitar Hero continues to rack up big sales, the game has become pretty hard to come by. Apparently, those looking to snag Rock Band are going to face some difficulty tracking down the game unless they can manage to secure a preorder or luck into the game early on. Manufacturing limitations might keep the game in low supply throughout the holiday season and into early next year.

EA president, John Riccitello, while speaking to investors was recently quoted as saying, “We won’t be able to put up enough inventory to meet the demand of this fiscal or calendar year,” Riccitiello told the investors, adding that those who don’t buy at launch “won’t be getting one for Christmas, unless you know someone at one of our retailers.”

This kind of goes hand in hand with the announcement that there wouldn’t be any peripherals available for the game until early next year. It seems that the drums, guitars, and mic are proving to be a major manufacturing undertaking for EA, and production of the game is slower than expected. If you’re at all interested in owning Rock Band this year, you just might want to head down to *shudder* EB Games and throw down $20 on a preorder. I guess you could always camp out the night before release as well…just make sure to dress warm.


I don’t buy it. I believe this is a response to gamers’ negative reaction to the bundle of all peripherals in one package at a high price. This has to be a marketing ploy.

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