Nintendo conference showcases new DS and Wii announcements

In a conference today, Nintendo unveiled new plans for the DS and Wii. While information is still trickling in at the moment, here are some of the highlights:

Games Shown/Announced:

Fire Emblem DS
Wii Music
Super Mario Stadium Baseball
Mario Kart Wii
Famicom Wars Wii (Battlion Wars II)
Dragon Quest IX

Games and Features Coming to WiiWare:

Dr Mario
Star Soldier R
Pokemon Ranch
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – The Little King and the Country of Promise
DS Station Channel (DS demo download)

Exhanced Wii Voting Channel – recommend games. Search based on recommendation.

So how awesome is it that we’re finally getting a Fire Emblem on the DS? Too awesome? Maybe. Also, the DS demo downloads are sure to be a great asset to those that own both a DS and a Wii. It seems that you can download demos to your Wii and transfer them via wireless connection to your DS. Pretty slick.

More information is still coming in, so we’ll update with anything worth noting.


That was something they promised early on (DS Station Channel) and it’ll be cool especially if it is good.