Ikaruga, Rez, others coming to XBLA

Yes, the headline is correct. Treasure’s Dreamcast/arcade/GameCube classic shooter is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Not much more needs to be said except for that the game is a required download for each and every 360 owner. If you don’t download the game, I’m pretty sure you deserve the eventual red rings of death.


Also coming to XBLA:

  • Rez – Holy crap awesome rhythm shooter
  • Exit – Pretty solid and entertaining platformer/puzzler
  • Every Extra Extend Extreme – Neat rhythm puzzler from the maker of Lumines
  • Omega Five – Never played this one…

Seriously, boys and girls. Ikaruga will rock your face off. It’s just a shame that the 360 d-pad is so terrible. Maybe it’s time to either track down the Dead or Alive 4 stick, or look into a custom arcade joystick solution.

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