New Guitar Hero III tracks unveiled…who played what in the where now?

Coming right of an Activision press release, here’s the newest set of tracks unveiled for GHIII. All are master tracks, but they’re pretty obscure names for North Americans. The new songs include:

“Minus Celsius,” by Backyard Babies
“Hier Kommt Alex,” by Die Toten Hosen
“In the Belly of a Shark,” by Gallows
“I’m in the Band,” by The Hellacopters
“Avalancha,” by Heroes Del Silencio
“Take This Life,” by In Flames
“Ruby,” by Kaiser Chiefs
“Closer,” by Lacuna Coil
“Generation Rock,” by Revolverheld
“Mauvais Garcon,” by NAAST
“Radio Song,” by Superbus

If you’re curious, you can find versions of each song on YouTube. I really am not too enthused by any of them to tell the truth.

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