Contest: Win Some Money for Games!

I was going to sit down this weekend and think long and hard about two things. First, I need a title for the podcast. If we’re going to keep doing this, we should be able to call it something cool and catchy, right? Secondly, I need an image to use each time a new podcast is uploaded for the summary post. Instead of wasting my weekend, however, I figured that you could waste yours! For this I just need something that looks nice, leaves some space where I can edit in the current episode number, and also edit in the title of the podcast once it has been selected. Just make sure that the image is no wider than 400 pixels or that I can scale it down easy enough. So, whoever can come up with winning entries for each of these things (or both if you’re so creative) will get a $25 gift card to a store of your choice from the list provided below. So, to recap:

  • Submit a title for the Stupid Gamer podcast. If we choose your submission, you win a $25 gift card
  • Submit an image to be used for the podcast posts. If yours win, you’ll win a $25 gift card
  • Send your entries to jar155 [at] gmail dot com (sorry for the formatting, but it’s an anti-spam measure)
  • You can select from any of these stores or websites
    • Best Buy
    • Circuit City
    • Gamestop/EB
    • GameCrazy
    • Play N Trade
    • Wal-Mart
    • Target
    • eBay
    • Barnes and Noble
    • Borders
    • Others (email me to find out if it’s available to me)

We’ll be accepting submissions for the next week on Friday. I promise to review any and all submissions, and winners will be notified via email and announced on the blog. Send your submissions to jar155 [at] gmail dot com.

Oh, and if you want to know why I’m asking for your help, it’s because this is what Miguel suggested.


Please help.

Jeff Rivera

Maybe mcmarkcast? Heh, I’ve actually received a handful of Stupid Podcast suggestions already, so I’ll have to compare submission times if that’s what we choose.

robot electromenager

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