Sony’s E3 2007 Press Conference: You Want Games?

Sony came out strong this year at E3 showing, by far, the most software. While much of it overlapped with Microsoft’s lineup, the PS3 is starting to justify its place in the console race. Sony’s executives were stiff as cardboard on stage, but there were enough big “ooh” and “ahh” moments to keep the old eyelids from closing. Highlights include:

  • Games, games, games. Sony showed tons of games in back-to-back trailers
  • Echochrome could be a sleeper hit, or at least the next LocoRoco type of game for Sony
  • Slimmer PSP announced – coming in September
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 still exclusive (for now) – another great trailer shown with the claim for an “early 2008” release
  • Unreal Tournament 3 gets timed exclusive
  • Grand Turismo 5: Prologue coming to PSN
  • PlayStation Home features showcased (yawn)
  • Heavenly Sword is still one of the best looking games on the way
  • Killzone 2 trailer looked great graphically, gameplay actually looks kinda stale
  • Uncharted from Naughty Dog seems to be doing great
  • Haze is PS3 exclusive
  • Ratchet and Clank on the PS3 trailer unveiled more of the story, graphically the game is very solid

Sony’s conference was great for those that wanted to see games, but I fear that it wasn’t really enough to differentiate themselves from Microsoft. That $100 price difference, which will grow as soon as MS drops the 360 price, will probably continue to hurt Sony due to the similarity in libraries with the 360. It doesn’t help that the EA Sports line is running at twice the framerate on the 360. EA has always been critical for Sony. Still, instead of doom and gloom for Sony, PS3 fans should be singing praises. It finally looks like Sony is ready to enjoy some good times, even if they are going to need to get that PS3 price down a bit more before they can catch up to Microsoft.


Kojima and Metal Gear was AWESOME as usual. Echochrome may not be a hit but should be a milestone in game design, along with IQ, Vib Ribbon, Street Fighter II, and PAT BENATAR!


I’ve heard the price drop is only good until they run out of 60GB HD models, after which 80GB will become the standard back at $600. This could very well mean that eventually the PS3 could cost 2x the 360.