A rare discovery

The wife and I were in the mood for some pasta tonight, but our options are quite limited in this area. After considering a trip on the freeway into the city, we remembered that there was this little pizza place down the road that we’ve never tried. I grew up just a couple of miles from this place, but for some reason had never stepped inside. Upon arriving, it looked busy, and it smelled great on the outside. We stepped in and I immediately was attracted to the decor. They had a jukebox near the entrance and a ton of vinyl records and album covers all over the walls.

Just next to the order window, however, was what will definitely bring me back. There was a Flash Gordon pinball machine in good shape, an Area 51 cabinet, and an original Asteroids! The game was in great shape and played like a dream. After dropping a quarter into the Flash Gordon and earning 3(!) free games, I sat down and scarfed my calzone and breadsticks before making my way to the Asteroids. It was really in great shape. On the first play I managed to get my initials into the fourth position and on my second (and final) try I secured the number 2 spot. My score came in at about half the top score…so I gotta get back and sink a few more quarters into the machine to take that spot.

It was pretty surprising to see an Asteroids still on location making money. The machine has probably been there all its life or for a good part of it. I had to ask if it was for sale and the guy working there just shook his head and said, “sorry, man, it’s been a customer favorite for as long as I can remember.”


is it that little joint on main? not Robintino’s … that joint in Centerville, by Dick’s? … the suspense is killing me.

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