EB Siege – Starmen.net pushes to bring Mother Trilogy Stateside

Starmen.net, one of the finest Earthbound fan communities on the Internet is working hard to urge Nintendo to bring the rest of the Earthbound series over to North America. While some want to see an anthology style disc, some want GBA or DS ports, others are looking for Virtual Console support. The one thing in common, however, is that everybody wants the game released in the US. In dramatic fashion, the Starmen.net call to action reads:

The EarthBound Fans’ Last Stand:

Nintendo has ignored EarthBound fans for over a decade. It’s time for us to make our final stand, and not with a petition. Each of us is personally communicating with Nintendo — sending letters, drawing artwork, and talking with them in person, on the phone. Will they finally recognize us, or is this the end of the line? You, the person reading this, will help determine the fate of MOTHER 3. You will determine whether EarthBound and MOTHER ever see the light of day in America (and beyond) ever again.

It only takes a few moments to participate in one way or another. I would urge any of you out there with even a passing interest in the series to take action. If fans could get CBS to put Jericho back on the air after it was canceled, perhaps Earthbound/Mother can receive a proper translation and Stateside release after all.

Check out further details, including some great artwork, here: http://starmen.net/ebsiege