Happy 35th Anniversary Atari!

Ok, so the anniversary was yesterday, but I couldn’t get around to posting. I did, however, co-host a podcast with Stephen Smith last night, so either later today or tomorrow you can check it out. We talk about Atari, the shift in game design philosophy from Atari’s time unitl now, and we even share some fun stories about Atari and the early days of retail gaming. In honor of Atari, I invite all of you to pull out those old 2600 systems and fire up some classics.


It’s a shame that Atari is pretty much a shell of what they once were. Us gamers owe a huge part of our love of games to the pioneering efforts of Atari in both home gaming and in the arcades.

Blake Leftwich

I first played Atari at a cousin’s house. I was oblivious to everything around me, mesmerized by Pac-man. Ever since then I have been obsessed with video games and I am greatful to this system for that. Happy anniversary!