Manhunt 2 controversy keeps growing

The Manhunt 2 stir is still growing and other countries have moved to ban the game from retail release; such as Ireland, Italy, and Australia. Nintendo has long enforced a policy that they don’t allow AO (Adults Only) rated games to appear on their system, so it’s possible that the Wii version will either have to be edited or scrapped.

Personally, I think that Rockstar presented an overly violent cut of the game to the ESRB to earn the extreme rating to get the media in a frenzy and get people talking about the game. Now that it’s been given the AO rating, they’ll tone it down to get it back to M rated; something they mostly intended to do anyway. Once it’s been approved to ship with the M rating, the media coverage will have basically promoted the game for free, and gamers will check the title out based on curiosity or real interest. We all know that Rockstar loves to be in the headlines, so this whole “controversy” seems to fit right in with a typical game release.

I could be wrong, but I highly doubt you’re going to even see the game get delayed, let alone canceled.