Mitch Gitelman whines like a baby that whines a lot

In response to some criticism and some less than stellar reviews, Mitch Gitelman, of the Shadowrun development team FASA, vented his frustrations on the Major Nelson podcast. When Major asked about the types of reviews that the game had been receiving, Mitch kinda lost his composure and started ranting like a fanboy. It’s pretty sad to hear, but I’d definitely recommend downloading the podcast for a few giggles. During his rant, Mitch mentioned that they did “background checks” on some of the reviewers of the game. He went on to express his disappointment in seeing a reviewer that typically did RPGs handling an FPS game. Background checks? Are you insane? So you don’t think that this reviewer knows anything about FPS games since he typically reviews RPGs? Quit being an assuming jerk. Your game isn’t up to par with the competition. Deal with it.

Here’s some news for you, Mitch. Your studio got axed because your product stinks. Your studio put out a multiplayer only game with 3 game modes (2 when you realize that a couple are the same thing) and a very small number of maps; all while charging a full $60. You go on to ask, “how many game types are in football?” Apples and oranges dude. You say that you don’t set pricing, but you can’t expect people just to be cool with the price point simply because it was out of your hands. Honestly, I’m surprised you made it this long in the industry if you can’t handle a bit of fair and honest feedback from the community. You guys took a respected IP, jumped the shark with it, and overcharged and under delivered. If anybody should be ranting, it’s the fans of the old Shadowrun name. For now, shut up and get back to message board viral marketing and shilling or something.