Happy Trails to Nintendo of America Execs

Game-Informer online is reporting that around 90% of the Nintendo of America sales and marketing staff will not be making the move with Nintendo out of Redmond when the comapny leaves for either New York or San Francisco. The three most notable names include Perrin Kaplan, George Harrison, and Beth Llewelyn.

I’ve met George and Perrin a couple of times and have worked with and interviewed Beth in the past. All three are great at their job and have been wonderful for Nintendo of America over the years. While I’m sure Nintendo will find competent replacements, it will be interesting to see if their personalities are missed by those of us that work with Nintendo PR.

George Harrison has been with Nintendo of America for the longest time and is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Beth Llewelyn is Senior Director of Public Relations, and Perrin Kaplan is VP of Marketing & Corporate Affairs.

Source: Game-Informer Online


I just read in Fortune Magazine, that in the 60’s Nintendo owned taxis and a chain of “by-the-hour” love hotels. The current issue of Fortune has a great article about Nintendo, it is really interesting, and highly recommend it.