Can’t we all play fair?

I rarely use the blog as a space to whine, but there is a bit of a point to this. Just last night I went online and I played my first ranked match of FIFA ’07 on Xbox Live. I picked Real Madrid once I noticed that the other player was choosing Italy (of course). I’ve been using Real Madrid in a league I’m a part of, and I wanted more practice with the team, and I figured they’d be a pretty fair match for Italy.

I score the first goal early on to make it 1-0 and the other player soon answers back to make it 1-1. During this time neither of us has said a single word…no trash talk, no congrats. In the second half of the game I picked up a couple of quick goals to gain a 3-1 advantage, and this joker decides that he’s going to ruin the rest of the experience. Instead of playing, he just constantly slide tackles my guys; drawing many fouls in the process. Eventually, with only a few minutes left on the clock he injures one of my players, so I have to sub him out. Once I start the process, the guy goes off and starts questioning my mental capacity and my sexual orientation all in very, ahem, colorful language. I just let him know that I have to sub out the guy because he’s injured. Well, after that he just keeps on with the slide tackles, so I decide to slam one more goal into the net, ending the game at 4-1. He logs off, and I figure that’s the end of it.

A few minutes later I check my rep and the guy has left me negative feedback and said that I quit the match early. What’s annoying is that it’s the first blemish on my rep, and I can’t respond to it in any way. At least eBay lets you respond to negative comments.


I can live with the bad feedback. I’m sure it will happen in the future, even when I’m being cordial. Why does this have to happen, though? Why can’t we just enjoy our hobby and accept defeat or win with class? If this was my first experience with Xbox Live, I’d wonder if I would want to return. Back on the original Xbox I stopped playing online for this sort of thing. At least this time around enough of my friends have 360s that I can just play with them and avoid the jackasses online. It’s a shame that I have to do that though.

Ah, how I miss the days of the arcade…there was nothing to hide behind. If you lost, you drooped your head and got back in line to challenge the current champ once more. If you won, you accepted the next opponent with a nod and gave it your all.

I guess I shouldn’t expect people to live to any sort of standard or ethics in the online gaming world. I’m probably being naive to hope for better. But hey, wouldn’t it be great if could all just play fair?


Yeah. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of game you’re playing. If you’re online, people will be jerks.


the problem is there is really no accountability, and the anonymity aids the jackassisness… and this person who is most likely has a janitorial arts degree, and has never had a date in there life.


lmao @ janitorial arts degree. I try not to get online unless I am meeting up with friends. SSBM Brawl better not be like this.