Selling an arcade cabinet…hard to let go

tr.v. ca·thect·ed, ca·thect·ing, ca·thects
To invest emotional energy in (a person, object or idea).

I’ve never really liked selling my videogame stuff, no matter how little I used it. Eventually, however, I learned to be a bit more budget-minded with my hobby, and I was forced to start unloading some of my collection.

Lately, I’ve been getting into arcade collecting and restoring. While it’s not the world’s most expensive hobby, it costs just enough that you’ll eventually have to start flipping some of the cabinets you pick up in order to get new ones. Today, I was able to get over my emotional attachment to the first cabinet I ever purchased: a Bubble Bobble game in what I thought was a repainted Pac-Man cabinet. The game is one of my all-time favorites, and a hit with the wife. I picked up the cabinet initially because I was going to gut it, and use it to make a dedicated Pac-Man. Upon closer inspection, however, I found that the cabinet was an old Rally-X cabinet, and not a Pac-Man cab. For me, a bit of a purist, it wasn’t going to cut it. I stripped the paint off the cabinet, repainted it, and made it a pretty nice Bubble Bobble cabinet. Upon sharing this with the BYOAC community, I found that the Bubble Bobble game was in high demand. While I was a fan, I felt that maybe I should put the cab into the hands of a true enthusiast.

So just after work I met with the man who will be picking my cabinet up Saturday morning. He played the machine, admired it’s clean and solid condition, and offered me $300. While I could get more for it, he seemed so happy to have found the game he’d been looking to own since the mid-80’s. I did turn a $100 profit on the deal, but it was the exchange itself that was so satisfying. I’m sad to see it go, but I guess it’s part of the hobby.

The extra money is going to go into restoring a Donkey Kong cabinet that I picked up locally. I’ll post pictures of that process as it comes along.

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[…] Lately I’ve been getting into arcades again. For the past year I’ve been consumed by them. I can’t pass even the junkiest looking cabinet without approaching it and checking it out. After selling my Bubble Bobble this morning, I decided it was time to get working on my Donkey Kong cabinet. The cabinet is in 100% working order, it just needs some TLC to get back to mint condition. […]