First Guitar Hero 3 Videos

A couple of videos for Guitar Hero 3 popped up on YouTube earlier this evening. Here you go, enjoy! My Name is Jonas is a master track recording while Slow Ride is a cover. The game is looking much like we have come to know, but there are some differences that fans will notice.

My Name is Jonas:

Slow Ride:

Can this Fall come soon enough?

Edit: The original source of the videos was IGN.


Wow, is that for real? I like the look of the notes, but the score counter looks like garbage. The stage isn’t shown enough either. The thing about GH is that you don’t really notice much while you’re playing though. I’m sure it will be good.


I think it looks fine. I’m not too worried about things. Neversoft is developing this one, so maybe they decided to use their own art assets rather than recycle stuff from past games. A lot of this could be placeholder imagers too. Keep that in mind.