Adam Mapleson: A gamer and a hero for a day

Adam Mapleson, a 24-yr. old gamer was shot yesterday in the chest while coming to the aid of a woman who was being robbed by two gunmen. Adam saw what was going on and tackled one of the woman’s assailants. In the scuffle, Adam was shot in the chest, which has landed him in the hospital. A witness at the scene said that blood was everywhere. Both of the robbers ran after the fight, but Adam’s involvement possibly saved others from danger.

Adam is hospitalized and listed in serious but stable condition.


Jack Thompson would probably rationalize the robber’s actions by saying that the sheer insanity of the gamer forced him to draw his weapon and shoot. Somehow, he’d find a way to make gamers look bad. In fact, he’d probably blame Grand Theft Auto for training the robbers on how to rob and shoot people in the chest.