Pardon the dust…

I’m looking into making some changes with the blog. Some will be noticeable, some won’t be. The changes are to help me achieve a few goals, including:

  • Making the site profitable
  • Establishing a better foothold in the industry
  • Score more content and interviews from developers and publishers
  • Prepare the site to handle game giveaways and contests
  • Improve navigation for the readers
  • Possibly starting the Stupid Gamer podcast

There are other things I hope to achieve with the changes I’m making. If you run into errors or anything weird, just know that it’s all part of my attempts to improve the site. Also, look for the possibility for this blog to maybe expand into a full-blown game coverage site someday. That, however, is still further down the line…

Edit: I’ve got things looking dandy in Firefox, but IE is a whole different beast. The site is looking like garbage in IE…ridiculous.


I’m having a hard time reading this site in Internet Explorer. I can’t use Firefox at work. Until you get the site fixed, I probably won’t be reading it.


I know, I’m working on the IE display issues. It’s a pain because I’m not a programmer and I can’t troubleshoot as well as most of those crazy bloggers out there. I’ll have it worked out by tomorrow (hopefully). For those struggling with IE…find a way to get Firefox. Not just to read my blog (which is awesome), but to have all the other benefits. Firefox is just THAT much better.


I’m using a theme that seems to be working fine with both Firefox and IE, but it’s not as nice as the one I really wanted. You might notice that I bounce from theme to theme in the coming days, but I’ll settle on one soon.


It looks good now. It is really plain though. I miss all the characters you used to have. Is there any chance you might bring those back? Is there any way you can notify all the readers of contests? Sometimes I forget to check the site for a week or two at a time.


PSWii60, you should subscribe to the blog with an RSS reader. Check into Bloglines or Google…they make it easy to keep up with blogs. I read about 10 different blogs, so it helps me.

Thanks for reading the site though. I’ll give plenty of warning about any contests.

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