Peter Moore: “PlayStation 3 is Dreamcast”

Uh oh. That’s sure to get the feathers ruffled. In an article at Next Generation, Peter Moore was quoted as saying:

“I’ve walked a mile in those shoes,” he says. “I’m digging up my tortured past here, but remember Dreamcast?” And there it is. PlayStation 3 is Dreamcast. How delicious is that?

I don’t think it’s safe to say that the PS3 is anywhere near what the Dreamcast was. While the Dreamcast was a great system, it was ultimately the final failure for Sega in the hardware market. The PlayStation 3 will eventually rebound and do just fine. This WILL NOT be Sony’s last console. Even though the start has been turbulent and highly criticized by the press and gaming community, Sony’s brand strength is way too powerful for the slide to continue forever.

Sony will get it turned around…Peter is being a bit too giddy here about recent sales trends.


Oh Peter you love to make comments like this. Well, at least he makes things interesting. Even though most people don’t take what he says seriousely anymore.