Incog Inc. and Sony to split ways?

Reminiscent of what is happening with FASA and Microsoft, it appears that Sony is preparing to cut ties with Incog Inc. once Warhawk is completed. Internal sources from Sony, as well as some external sources close to the team, have confirmed that Sony’s displeasure with Incog is causing them to part ways.

Sony is reportedly looking to form a new studio with those that choose to continue their relationship with the Japanese-based hardware maker. As for Incog, hopefully they’ll find financial backing of some form soon so that they can continue to make quality software. Since these reports are in no way official, no word was given on what would happen with the IPs that Incognito has handled for Sony in the past.

Incog is famous for their work on the Warhawk, Twisted Metal, and other notable series in the past decade.


HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! Come to the 360 Incog, you know you want to. Ast for the BS3, KILL IT!


Score!!Another nail in the coffin for sony! Twisted Metal XB live FTW! Warhawk on XBLA?HAHAHA!!!


This is bull crap! There are no other sources that have this info. And if another site mentions this story, it leads back here. So go ahead and think what you want 360 fanboys, Incognito won’t come to 360 or the Wii.


This isn’t doom for the PS3 by any means. As to those that are questioning the validity of my story (I’m the site author)…well, I’m the same guy who broke the story about Warhawk being a downloadable title.

If this story falls through, I fully welcome all of you to come back and witness a crow-eating fest.


I am going to wait for an official press release. Sony and Incognito are probably not going to split (if they ever do?) until after Warhawk is released.


Ahem. Sony owns both Twisted Metal and Warhawk franchaises. They are now and forever exclusive. Something they also own is the Actual studio so at worse they would part company with who ever was running the studio and bring in a new person.

Sorry to be the barer of Bad News… for the MS faithful… but this “news” is nothing more than a useless attempt to create bad press for Sony that simply dosent exist.


I can’t post sources as they would have an effect on those still within Incog or those that don’t want to burn bridges with Sony after leaving the company. This will all come out in due time. This news wasn’t meant to drop yet, so don’t expect anything official until AFTER Warhawk is out on both the PSN and on disc.


man thats week yo, the twisted metal series were some of my favorite games, the good ones i mean, not that crap 989 put out….

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