My 360 is starting to limp

I’ve already shipped two Xbox 360s to Microsoft for repair (which actually were replaced with refurbished models), and now my third system is starting to show signs that it’s going to fail. Last night, in less than an hour of play time, my Xbox 360 froze up four times. Lately the 360 has been freezing on me and it’s been pretty annoying. I haven’t seen any red rings yet, but I get the feeling that they can’t be more than a few weeks away.

So what’s the deal here? Is Microsoft going to keep denying that there are serious quality control issues with Xbox 360 production? How long before the class-action suits start appearing?

I love my Xbox 360, and I play it more than any other console right now, but Microsoft needs to address these issues soon or I’ll be hard pressed to support them in the next generation early on. Until last generation, I had never had a console fail on me (which coincidentally was an Xbox), and now I’m looking at a third console death in less than two years.

Fix your faulty console, Microsoft. And quit charging us each time one of your faulty boxes breaks down.

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I can just about guarandangtee if Chase reads this he may have a comment… maybe a certain “thats what she said”…