March Hardware Sales Figures – DS is pretty much everybody’s daddy

Here are the hardware sales chart, courtesy of the NPD group. It seems that supply constraints are continuing to limit Nintendo Wii sales, just as they have in other countries. It would be interesting to see how sales would be if there were a) systems on the shelf, and b) more than 3 or 4 games worth playing. The DS numbers are absolutely insane. 500k in a usually slow time of the year is just mind boggling. This is all before Pokemon is out too (which is already over 533,000 preorders). Here are the numbers:

  • Nintendo DS: 508,000
  • Sony PlayStation 2: 280,000
  • Nintendo Wii: 259,000
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 199,000
  • Sony PSP: 180,000
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance: 148,000
  • Sony PlayStation 3: 130,000
  • Nintendo Gamecube: 22,000
  • Microsoft Xbox: RIP – No longer tracked

This puts the Wii total at over 2.1 million, the 360 at 5.3 million, and the PS3 at just over a 1.2 million in the US. It’s crazy to see that old clunker GBA still outselling the PS3. Sony is going to have to do something soon in regards to their pricing structure or the Wii will run away with things once a proper amount of supply is in the retain channel.

Oh yeah, special note to Nintendo: Run your Wii manufacturing lines for more than an hour a day.


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