The Xbox 360 Elite is a bad move – What Microsoft should have done

I’m still baffled at the announcement of the Xbox 360 Elite. They are adding HDMI, some black paint, and a larger hard drive to the Premium pack for an additional $80. So, for $480 you’re getting almost what the PS3 offers for $20 less. All of a sudden the PS3 doesn’t look so overpriced.

Microsoft should have just started adding HDMI ports into the Premium package of the 360 now while keeping the price at $400. They don’t even need to include the HDMI cable or the larger hard drive, just add the port. They could market and sell their own HDMI cable, the larger hard drive, and introduce a black version of the 360. This would keep the price of the 360 down, allow those interested in a larger hard drive to get one, and introduce HDMI functionality into all future 360 consoles.

As it stands now, I don’t think the Elite is exciting anybody. It’s not enough of an upgrade to cause people to justify spending an extra $80. I’ll be surprised if the Elite sells well when compared to the Premium pack.

Oh, and MS, drop the Core pack already.

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