I’m starting back up on my MAME cabinet

A while back I purchased and restored a dedicated Street Fighter II cabinet and I spent countless hours inside my garage perfecting my skills before moving the cabinet into my office at work. Ever since moving the cabinet out of my home, I have had an itch to get arcade gaming back into my home life. That itch led me to start building a MAME cabinet, but I didn’t get too far before I was sidetracked by work, school, other hobbies, and some personal medical issues. Things are a bit different now, however. I’m done with school, work is settling down a bit, and I’m over my medical problems. I’m ready to build again.

Hopefully by this weekend I’ll be able to pull out what I’ve done so far and get going again. I’ll post pictures along the way and keep a good log of my work so others can see if it’s a project they might be interested in themselves. To think that thousands of arcade games are only a few saw cuts, wiring projects, paint jobs, and computer hacks away…it makes my skin all tingly.