This is getting ridiculous!

I’ve been running around since the Wii launch looking for a Wii to buy for one of my friends. I got my own the night before launch, but it’s been a royal pain trying to get a second system. I’ve been hitting stores on a constant basis and asking nearly every sales clerk in the state of Utah if they have any Wiis and when they think they’d be getting more. The answer is almost always the same: “We had some this morning, but they sold out in about 10 minutes. People were waiting when we opened.”

What’s going on? Why can’t Nintendo get more of these things out on the shelves? I know that demand is insanely high, and I understand that they’re selling units worldwide, but this system is pretty much a souped up GameCube. They should be able to be pumping these things out in massive numbers. Heck, maybe they are, but I’m sitting here tearing my hair out trying to get a hold of one. I can’t imagine how those that don’t have one yet must feel.

On the other side of things, I tend to find PS3s everywhere I go. Either Sony is replenishing supplies at a furious pace, or the $600 tag is scaring people away for the time being. I’m guessing it’s more of the latter. With Resistance being the one game that everybody seems to have interest in playing, Sony needs more heavy hitters to move the system. Sure, the inclusion of Blu-Ray is cool, but not everybody is interested in a hi-def movie player at this point.

Anyway, here’s what I ran into at Target today, and pretty much every other day and in every other store:

PlayStation 3 Section:


Wii Section: