CES was awesome

I wasn’t able to get down to CES this year, despite having a press invitation pass. Instead, I was in New York City and monitoring the CES news online and in the papers. I did, however, enjoy the offerings of the show and the implications that all of the new tech products have for the gaming industry. Panasonic and Samsung both had impressive showings for their upcoming lineups of TVs, but what I’m really excited about is Mitsubishi’s laser DLP sets coming later this year. It seems like Mitsubishi is always ready to step up and take the first jump in the TV market, and I’ll probably be happy to send some of my money their way when their new sets release.

The Apple iPhone is pretty awesome looking, but the $600 price tag and a Cingular exclusivity agreement have me bummed out. With the dual touch interface, I think the iPhone could definitely have some cool games and applications in the works.

Microsoft’s IPTV for the 360 was pretty cool, but I don’t know that it’s completely worth the money in the end. I’m sure those that buy into the service will be pleased, but only with a much larger hard drive solution.

Of all of the products shown, I still get most worked up about the TVs. There were cool gadgets all around, but the next-gen consoles really really on a killer TV set to be able to realize their fullest potential. I’ve been enjoying my HD-DVD drive (more on that in the next day or two), and I’d love to see what it looked like on a top of the line set.

Next year I doubt I’ll be pulled away for business like I was this year, so hopefully I can be down on the CES floor drooling over prototypes and soon to be released tech products. Until then, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for those laser DLP sets coming out this year.

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